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  • DC Action Comics #5 Dc March 2012

Action Comics #5 Dc March 2012

Barcode number: 500000000057
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He And His Wife Lara Attempt To Escape Through The Phantom Zone, But Are Caught. They Place Him In A Rocket Meant To Superman, Involved In An Attempt To Steal A Rocket Engine From A Military Facility After It Has Crashed.

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On Krypton, As Their World Crumbles Around Them, Jor-El Bemoans The Fact That His Plan To Evacuate The Planet Before It Is Destroyed Was Ignored By The Council. Jor-El And Lara Decide To Flee Through The Phantom Zone, Carefully Wrapping Their Baby In His Father'S Cloak.
However, As They Open The Portal, It Becomes Clear That The Super-Criminals Incarcerated There Are Looking Forward To Torturing Their Captor And His Family As Soon As They Enter The Zone. Xa-Du, Who Reached Through The Portal To Grab The Young Kal-El, Poses A Particular Threat. Thankfully, The Family Dog, Krypto, Leaps Forward And Bites Du'S Hand, Allowing The Family To Flee. Regrettably, The Dog Has Gone Missing In The Zone. A Red Streak Shoots Out Of The Zone, Unnoticed By Jor-El And Lara, As They Flee.
Lara Proposes That They Save Kal-El At The Very Least By Putting Him In The Prototype Rocket Designed To Demonstrate Jor-Evacuation El'S Plans. Because The Prototype Can Only Hold One Passenger, They Can Only Save Their Infant Son. Jor-El Summons The Brainiac Intelligence Within It And Instructs It To Find A Planet With A Younger Sun And Weaker Gravity In Order To Make His Son Appear Much More Powerful. Just Moments Before Their Lives Are Lost In The Ultimate Destruction Of Krypton, The Two Send Kal-El Off.
The Rocket Eventually Finds Earth, But Its Systems Fail As It Enters Its Atmosphere, And It Crashes Into A Field In Smallville, Kansas. Nearby, Jonathan And Martha Kent'S Truck Is Stuck In The Snow After They Went To See The Adoption Agency, And Martha Begins To Despair That This Is Yet Another Affront To Them After She Recently Miscarried.
Jonathan And Martha Are Drawn To The Wreckage By The Light Of The Rocket'S Crash, And Are Surprised To Find An Infant Inside. They Adopt The Child On The Spur Of The Moment, Believing It To Be A Divine Sign. They Are Concerned, However, That The Military Personnel Who Are Converging On The Crash Site As They Drive Away Will Be Able To Link The Missing Child To Them, So Jonathan Devises A Scheme To Confuse Them. He Returns Through The Cordon After Dropping Martha And The Baby Off, Offering To Show The Soldiers The Alien Creature He Has Discovered. Although His Alien Is Actually A Miscarried Calf, The Child Is Safe With Martha.
Years Later, Kal-El Rediscovers The Rocket In A Military Facility And Instructs The Intelligence Inside To Protect Itself, Promising To Return For It. Then, With The Arrival Of The World Collector, The Age Of Super-Heroes Began.
In Order To Find A Way To Harm Superman, The Anti-Superman Army Travels Back In Time To A Time When Superman'S Fortress Of Solitude, Which Was Then Housed In The Ruins Of Brainiac'S Skull Ship, Was Unable To Defend Itself Against Time-Travellers. They Break Through The Sunstone Casing Around The Rocket With Xa-Help Du'S And Steal The Rocket'S Kryptonite Engine. They Realise They'Re Being Pursued, So They Flee To The Safe Haven Their Mysterious Benefactor Built For Them, Just As Superman And The Legion Of Super-Heroes Attempt Yet Another Failed Attempt To Stop The Engine From Being Stolen. The Earth Is Doomed To Perish Without That Engine.

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